How To Have A Long Distance Move

Sometimes a job or just plain restlessness will force you to pack up and move to a long distant place. Moving across state line can bring new sights and new adventures, along with a daunting headache. Not only you are just moving alone, you need to get all your stuffs to that new place too. Here is a list of best options for your long distance move by considering your circumstances.

Renting a truck

Long distance moves are offered by all of the major truck rental franchises. One-way rentals will have a certain number of miles allotted, while local rentals charge by the mile. This allotment will have plenty extra for short side trips and pit stops. In one quote, over the actual trip distance, 15% extra mileage was allowed. If you have a vehicle to transport, you can rent a car dolly to pull with the truck or get one of the multifunctional aluminium folding ramps to load your vehicle into the truck bed.

LTL Haulers

LTL refers to a partial load in a tractor-trailer and it stands for “less than load”. You have to pay per linear foot of trailer space used, when shipping via LTL. As it will make multiple stops to unload and load other LTL loads along the way, your stuff will take longer to reach the destination. For a long distance move, the LTL option seems to be more costly than renting a car. But when the cost of fuel and tolls for a rental truck is considered, LTL option becomes pretty much competitive.

Storage Containers

Most storage containers are a bit smaller than the inside of a small moving truck. But the size is as large as a medium-sized moving truck. Like an LTL mover, truck delivers a storage container at your house for you to load. Call for pick up when you are done, to get it delivered to your destination. You can also set the delivery date. There are no ramps to be climbed, as a storage container is ground level.

Sell & Start Over

You may find your furniture cheaper to start over, if you don’t have any emotional attachment to it. Sell your old furniture before moving, and purchase newer stuff when reaching your new home. Furniture is the bulkiest part of your belongings. So, it’s better to sell the old one in order to save not only money, but time and space as well.

Therefore, select the best suitable option for a long distance move and save a good amount of money over a full service mover.

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