How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Material

You have prepared your patio or garden beautifully and want to relax now? You do not want to do it standing up, do you? Then you probably need a couple of modern outdoor furniture. The first consideration is material. What’s important to you – the way the furniture looks or its durability? Do you have the time and skills to maintain the outdoor furniture and keep it in a top condition?

You should ask yourself a few questions – What will suit my lifestyle? What patio furniture is specifically needed? Are there only tables, chairs, sofas or you also need a gazebo and umbrella? The line of furniture should be chosen from the furniture factory outlet that all of needed furniture is available, so you don’t have to purchase some items at a different shop.

Outdoor furniture comes in all imaginable material, including wicker, resin, aluminum, iron, steel, stone, plastic or wood. Wooden garden furniture can be further divided into hard and soft woods. The hardwoods include inter alia to Teak, mahogany, acacia or oak. The soft woods are fir, larch, pine or spruce. Below is the details.

1. Resin

Resin outdoor furniture is basically made of polymer, a high density version of polyethylene plastic. This material is water resistant and UV light protected. This material is sturdy and is made to withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions. Furniture made of synthetic resin requires little maintenance except occasional cleaning with water and soap. But this material also has some disadvantage. Resin is not bio-degradable and is very heavier than its counterpart wicker. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the resin furniture, the more expensive it is.

2. Wicker

Wicker patio furniture has a much longer history than resin furniture. Thousands of years back, willow, rattan and reeds were used as material to make furniture by ancient Chinese and Egyptians. Wicker furniture is made from materials such as willow, rattan or reed. It is also very sturdy, but not resistant to the environment elements. It creates a natural rustic feel that works perfectly in an outdoor setting.

Unlike resin, wicker is lightweight and biodegradable because it’s natural. In a humid environment, it can grow rot or mildew. Therefore, it normally requires to be pre-treated with lacquer or varnish before being used in an outdoor environment. In addition, extensive UV exposure will cause wicker to crack and splinter.

3. Metal

Metals can really set the tone of your outdoor furniture. The options range from modern lightweight aluminum to the more traditional iron and it should be possible to get the perfect piece of metal garden furniture for your garden. Although more expensive, aluminum is more rust resistant and as a result is recommended by many experts.

4. Teak – an old favorite

Since teak is the most durable of all hardwoods, most customers prefer teak garden furniture. You can never go wrong with teak garden furniture, because it is classic, elegant, natural and above all, it can go decades. Indonesian teak garden furniture is a great place to start for your outdoor improvement project.

During shopping teak garden furniture, except for wood quality, you also consider other things like how the furniture piece is built.

Make it a habit to regularly check the splintered wood or cracks. Washing with warm soapy water to remove dirt and dust is a good idea, especially before applying teak oil (do not forget to let the wood dry beforehand).

Be mindful that materials convey a message of style. Basically, wicker patio furniture is seen romantic, wood furniture gives a feel of warmly rustic and resin furniture speaks of practicality. Iron makes your garden look Victorian, while aluminum seems more contemporary.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture: The Best Way to Buy Quality Furnishings

If you are able to afford a set of outdoor wicker furniture, you can also purchase another set to give to your loved ones to make them feel special. Perhaps, your daughter is moving to her new home and what better way to make her feel so loved than to give her exquisite pieces of furniture to decorate her patio or backyard with.

If you are looking for wicker furniture that are offered with very affordable rates or easy payment scheme, then look no further as you can find hundreds of online stores from here and abroad selling replica designer wicker furniture at a cost that you can’t resist.

Outdoor wicker furniture is gaining immense popularity. They are the favourite choice of many hotels, restaurants and café’s as well as homeowners. This type of furniture has distinct styles, colours and sizes that appeal to most and can blend in well with any theme. One can choose their preferred type of outdoor furniture depending on what suits their personality, lifestyle, inspiration, colour scheme and choice of materials. It is common for many homeowners, especially the wives, to spend too much time making a decision. They ensure they choose the best because furniture isn’t something that you change frequently because they can be quite expensive.

If you are not too picky and are looking for furniture pieces on sale, you can find great deals online where some furniture shops offer as much as 20% – 50% discount on selected outdoor wicker furniture items. The sale will help you in saving up some dollars whilst enjoying the luxury you have always dreamed of. One thing that has not changed throughout time is the charming look of wicker design that’s’ made entirely by hand. If you are obsessed with glamour, class, quality, pricing and excellence, the best way to buy your furnishings is to look for a reputed manufacturer or dealer.

The designers and makers of modern wicker furniture today tend to create structured chairs and sofas yet soft, comfortable and very functional. Many furniture factories have collaborated with leading designers to create one-of-a-kind design for outdoor furnishings. Reputed furniture manufacturers even have their own design team that can also design affordable outdoor furniture. These furniture artisans help us embrace the warm weather and enjoy the beautiful scenery outdoors.

Spend time to browse the web. Your resourcefulness will help you find good quality outdoor furnishing pieces that are the cheapest of the bunch. Most of the local furniture shops also have their websites as well as physical outlets, too that you can visit if you want to see your order personally.

Whether you favour conservative décor or pieces of furniture in bright colours and youthful shapes, it is still best to observe your area well, know your purpose as well as your needs. When looking to buy outdoor wicker furniture, you can also ask for referrals, but if there’s none, browsing the web is the way to go. Ensure you don’t forget to ask for your furniture’s warranty.

Industrial Furniture Solutions That Combine Functionality and Features

When thinking of industrial furniture, “exciting” is not the first term that comes to mind. However, furniture designed for industrial settings is much more exciting than it used to be thanks to enhanced functionality and an array of features and accessories. Shopping for this furniture can actually be fun, particularly when the furnishings can be customized. Learning more about different industrial furnishings may cause facility managers to view these items in a new light.

Industrial Furniture Is Not Just for Factories

When we hear the term “industrial,” we tend to picture a large factory filled with conveyor belts and assembly line workers. However, modern industry includes everything from traditional warehouses to upscale spas for humans and their four-legged friends. Each of these facilities needs furniture that is attractive and durable. Even a small auto repair shop filled with auto equipment should have some furnishings, such as a service counter and chairs, for the customer waiting room.

These furnishings have come a long way since the days of cold metal available in a single color. They are now made from a variety of materials including wood and are even stained or painted to blend into the décor. Buyers have many options, allowing them to order exactly what they want at a price they can afford. Furniture is a big investment for any facility, so it is important to get the best products available.

Industrial Furniture Designed for Storage

Furnishings created for commercial settings include more than tables and shelving. Cabinets are designed for workplace kitchens, customer beverage stations, and office storage needs. They feature an ample number of drawers to store essential items and may have special countertops or wheels that make them movable. Locker units are ideal for schools, hospitals, and police and fire departments. Special finishes may be available that kill tough bacteria, keeping the environment sanitary.

Display cabinets and store fixtures are intended for industrial environments that customers frequent. They highlight products in stylish ways and may be built to customer specifications and include surfaces for special environments. Storage cabinets for printed circuit boards are used to store sensitive electronic components behind the scenes before the final products are assembled. These offer horizontal or vertical storage and some models have locking doors for increased security.

Industrial Furniture Used to Impress

Some furnishings are designed to make a good first impression with customers. A reception counter is the first thing customers see when walking into a salon, doctor office, or other service-based facility. This furniture should be sturdy and feature an impressive design. Customers assess the reception area when determining whether this is a place they want to do business.

Other furnishings are designed to impress people who use them every day. A computer room is the technology hub of many organizations and it is staffed with some of the best minds in the company. Making it comfortable and stylish is one way to attract and retain the brightest workers. LAN/WAN workstations, equipment rack stations, and ergonomic accessories will accomplish this task.

Furniture Upholstery and Handmade Furniture

Handmade furniture indicates high quality, though furniture upholstery quality comes from more than just being made by hand, but also by the techniques used and the quality of the materials employed. Here, we shall discuss what you should be looking for when you purchase upholstered furniture.

First, a definition of upholstery so we are all speaking the same language. The word derives from the old English ‘Upholder’, or one who held up his goods for examination. There are a few versions of how this was transferred to chairs and sofas, although many believe it to be the way the upholstery holds you up on the seat!

Believe that or not, furniture upholstery applies mainly to furniture intended for seating, such as chairs and sofas, and also to those intended for support such as footstools and ottomans. High quality handmade furniture of this type involves four specific elements: the frame, the seating support, the cushioning to provide comfort, and the cover.

Each of these plays a very important part in the comfort and overall look of your chair or sofa, and the importance and function of each is explained here:

Handmade Furniture: The Frame

The reason your body has its shape, and can tolerate the stresses and strains it does while you work, is its frame – which you know better as your skeleton. Your furniture also has a skeleton, which is known as the frame to which the total support system of your seating and back cushioning is attached – just as your tendons hold your muscles to your skeleton.

Properly crafted handmade furniture should be made with a solid frame, or skeleton. That is why our forefathers devised the solid mortise and tenon, dovetail and pinned joints – for strength so that the frame can offer a strong skeleton for the visible part of the furniture. All of the furniture upholstery is attached to the frame, which should be solid and strong enough to hold the weight for which it is made – yours!

Furniture Upholstery: The Support

When you flop down onto a seat it has to be able to take the initial shock of your weight, and then spring back to offer you support. As you lie back, the back of your chair should offer support but also yield somewhat to pressure. In modern furniture upholstery, this comes from springs that have been designed to move with the contours of your body.

There are two fundamental types of spring: wires compressed in a wave-shape (sinusoidal springs) that are connected together in a single unit, and individual coiled springs attached to the frame. Even the latter can be pre-fabricated into an individual framed spring unit. However, the most effective forms of furniture support are individual coiled springs attached to a compressible base.

Not only do the springs compress, but the base to which they are attached is also compressible, offering the maximum of comfort. In handmade furniture, this base is formed by nailing (or tacking) tightly stretched fabric webbing from front to back, and then woven side to side of the base frame of the seat. The individual coiled steel springs are then tied to the webbing base with twine, and then the tops of each spring connected with lengths of twine that are stretched down and nailed to the frame, tensioning the springs.

The Comfort Layers

Springs are not comfortable to sit on, so a layer of canvas is placed over the spring layer, stretched, and then nailed down to the same frame. On top of that is placed the padding. Traditionally, this would be a layer of horsehair and then of wool, but today would be layers of synthetic materials built up over the support until thick enough to offer the level of comfort required.

There can be several comfort layers in a modern chair or sofa, including cushions for the seat, and pillows for the back. Cushions need not always be required, particularly with handmade furniture utilizing furniture upholstery techniques to stuff the seat to such a high level of comfort that cushions are not necessary.

You can still purchase such traditionally upholstered furniture today, although most will provide cushions to cover the base seat. In fact, cheaper sofas will have a thin covering over the spring unit with cushions over that.

The Outer Covering

The outer cover originally covered a layer of canvas or linen stretched and tacked over the final stuffing layer. Today, it is more likely to be a cushion cover for the seat and back, with a layer of the same material covering the rest of the framework. Whatever that material is, it is the outer covering for your furniture and will have been chosen carefully.

Made properly, handmade furniture utilizing proper jointing techniques and solid hardwood lasts significantly longer than its factory-made equivalents, using dowels, glue and low-quality woods and laminates. However, once covered up with the outer fabric or leather it is often difficult to tell the difference: that comes with use.

You cannot beat handmade furniture and proper manual furniture upholstery: it looks better, last longer, and most importantly, is more comfortable to sit on!